March 03, 2010


 April 8, 1953: first big Hollywood 3D film


 On this day's date in 1953, the first 3D movie made by a major Hollywood studio hit screens. I was surprised to learn that it wasn't Jaws 3D House of Wax, but rather Man In The Dark. From Wired:  Six months later, Kiss Me Kate was released in 3-D. Eye-blindingly colorful and 3-Delicious. Bob Fosse dances in it and Ann Miller sings a song with the refrain "dick, dick, dick, a dick, dick, a dick, dick.

Back then everybody thought all movies will be in 3-D seriously! Who knew it would just fade away as a FAD, i still could not understand why 3-D movies suddenly stopped. I agree it would be asking for too much workwise, but movies like 'TItanic' and 'Transformers' ( the special effects and ship building etc.). would have taken equal time and sweat!

James Cameron. Aha , he came back with a bang, Da-Dimension. People flocked and waited for the movie as if they were waiting for summer holiday seat. Cameroon quoted a classic saying “The technology should wave its own wand and make itself disappear.'' But when people came out taking their 3-D glasses off, they kept wondering whether it was a 'fantasy world' by a genius or a 'bloody american assault'. Nevertheless James Cameroon got back the lost GLORY of 3-D CINEMA******** 

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