May 12, 2010



A section from a denimblog i usually keep myself updated with. personally i really feel these designer denims are worth each penny.
 This post is inspired by this video featured on ABC about the great debate of premium denim. In the video they talk to experts, poll people on the street and do durability tests to examine if there really is a difference between premium and regular denim. Their conclusion is yes, there’s some difference but it’s not worth the price tag of the premium jeans. However, I certainly don’t think that it is a very accurate assessment of what premium denim is all about!
Fit: Personally, I’ve never found a pair of jeans that fits me as well as designer denim does. I am 5′11″, so I frequently have trouble finding jeans that are long enough, and even some store’s “long” cuts were still too short for me.  Premium pairs also have a wider variety of fits, like Cookie Johnson’s line, CJ by Cookie Johnson, which is meant to fit a curvier woman.
Quality: Although a larger price tag doesn’t always equal better quality, when it comes to premium jeans, frequently it can. In the video, they attempt to disprove that there is a difference between the wear-and-tear of premium and non-premium jeans. I’d say that typically this is inaccurate. The video shows only short term wear-and -tear, not over the the life of the jean. I’ve had some of my Citizens of Humanity and Seven for All Mankind jeans since I was in high school (over 8 years ago!) and they’re still in my daily jean rotation. I also was big into Gap jeans in high school but those pairs are long gone. The larger price on these jeans can mean you’re getting higher quality fabrics, like Japanese denim. These materials get softer and mold to your body as you continue to wear them, lending to the quality of the garment.
Price: This is the bottom line for the video and many consumers. With price tags in the mid $100s and higher, they are expensive. However, with exceptional quality and fit, buying a pair of premium jeans is an investment. For a great fitting pair of jeans that you’ll wear 2x a week for 4 years, at $200 a pop, it ends up being less than 50 cents a wear.  Plus, with the increase of flash sale sites, such as Rue La La and Hautelook, it’s easy to get a pair of premium jeans for under $100, the online sales are always great as well.

April 21, 2010

You thought candies are just for your taste buds.

Candy wrapper dresses seem to be all the rage these days.
From the dance floors at high school musicals to a handmade 600-wrapper Peanut M&Ms dress (above) on display in, uh, New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal (for Earth Day, not just for kicks) everybody's doing it. 

 chocolate candy dress.

March 21, 2010


The 'HOT blazing summer is back to heat you up and make you get rid of your layers 1 by 1. Time has come to change few things in your wardrobe people.This summer is about simplicity and class.Go out in the sun with style i.e colorful and relaxed. Mix up your denims with simple white tees (vintage prints). Focus will be more on fabrics and patterns. If you get these things right you're out there ruling the street.


Photos: courtesy

March 20, 2010


 The new collection 'FUTURE HERITAGE' by VANE is pretty cool. Shoes are great accessories that one should have in his/her possession and these are a must.

March 18, 2010

The goodlord 'F' word.

 In the name of almighty 'F*CK' word. Amen. I wonder how many times we use the 'f' word in a day. Early morning , whole day, late night- in your dreams-- everywhere,everytime. Some as simple as these instances--
- Oh f*ck its morning
-F*ck the coffee feels good
-Oh F*uck i am late
-F*ck that's awesome.
-F*CK this F*** that......................................

This is the word i cant do without , im sure its the same with you guys.

''Broke yet another phone case yest For fuck sake feel low now!''

Click here for a laugh ** F_CK you! The right use of the 'F' word tutorial. I hope u guys find this link amusing. (recommended for 18 yrs and above readers).

March 16, 2010

MINI Space Product Design Competition

Design, Enter, Win: New Design Competition
Be involved in the design and debut of the 4th MINI. Win a trip to Paris. See your design at the Paris Motor Show 2010. How? Enter the MINI Space Product Design competition right now by reading below.
Check below for more details of the contest-


Most communication artists and designers would agree that it is our job to communicate. Where we disagree, sometimes intensely, is on how that is achieved. The fault lines of the debate are often drawn along the difference between "art" and "design" approaches, as in Michael Johnson's recent article on this week's selection process for a new Head of Department for the Communication Art & Design course at London's Royal College of Art. The RCA is the world’s only wholly-postgraduate school of art and design, and has produced a roster of well-known alumni including Alan Fletcher, Daniel Eatock, Jonathan Barnbrook, Why Not Associates, and Sara Fanelli.

In his article, Johnson argues that the current department, under the leadership of Dan Fern, has become hobbled by the "art" approach, and that its students are beholden to a working ethos that has little relevance for the outside world: "The key issue that has distracted the course for decades has been 'art'. Communications graduates have been at pains to present their work within the context of white walled galleries, not grubby old commerce. Work has often been presented as 'work in progress', never finished. The 'process' has become the king, not the problem to be solved."

For many, this is an inflammatory position. Is Johnson's problem-solving, commerce-oriented methodology the only legitimate approach? Or is it possible that the purpose of design education is to empower students to produce work that reflects their individual motivations, white-walled or not? Can't "art" and "design" approaches coexist simultaneously in our practice? Why are we so eager to create a cut-and-dry dichotomy between the two? As Adrian Shaughnessy remarked earlier this week in an article for Design Week, "Fern’s critics hope that his successor will push the course towards creating graduates with 'real world' skills in branding and digital communication. That’s the safe option. I'd prefer to see someone who could update Fern’s vision of a course which produces creative people capable of exploring new ways of thinking from a perspective of craft informed by artistic vision, for a world where commercial imperatives are no longer the only benchmarks for success."

March 15, 2010

ESSENTIAL STYLE- of the week*

All you shoe crazee people out there, check out these covers. Its a must add to your collection if u think you have a good taste.

March 10, 2010


It sure appealed me! These sneakers looks so appetizing that you might not think they are real.  They are the Nike Air Royalty Macarons Pack, a pack of high top sneakers inspired by the iconic French pastry and created in 4 tonal pastel colorways, Dropping at Colette on March 13th.


Dear fans and followers!
 Thanks to the overwhelming response STREET'STREET has been listed in the 'TOP 50 Blogs in street section worldwide'.

For the past few months of blogging and information we are providing on our blog 'STREET'STREET' we received an overwhelming response from our followers and fans! Thanks to you, STREET'STREET will be making all the best of efforts in contributing the latest information and news about street, art, fashion and more and continue to post interesting and innovative contents for your viewing.

March 03, 2010


 April 8, 1953: first big Hollywood 3D film


 On this day's date in 1953, the first 3D movie made by a major Hollywood studio hit screens. I was surprised to learn that it wasn't Jaws 3D House of Wax, but rather Man In The Dark. From Wired:  Six months later, Kiss Me Kate was released in 3-D. Eye-blindingly colorful and 3-Delicious. Bob Fosse dances in it and Ann Miller sings a song with the refrain "dick, dick, dick, a dick, dick, a dick, dick.

Back then everybody thought all movies will be in 3-D seriously! Who knew it would just fade away as a FAD, i still could not understand why 3-D movies suddenly stopped. I agree it would be asking for too much workwise, but movies like 'TItanic' and 'Transformers' ( the special effects and ship building etc.). would have taken equal time and sweat!

James Cameron. Aha , he came back with a bang, Da-Dimension. People flocked and waited for the movie as if they were waiting for summer holiday seat. Cameroon quoted a classic saying “The technology should wave its own wand and make itself disappear.'' But when people came out taking their 3-D glasses off, they kept wondering whether it was a 'fantasy world' by a genius or a 'bloody american assault'. Nevertheless James Cameroon got back the lost GLORY of 3-D CINEMA******** 

Read more:

February 26, 2010

London fashion week- whats on the street?

I like the layers he had built up around the neck, yet comfortable and classy. Nicely don a rugged look.


I love the leather jacket, and yeah the way he has worn it! The camera looks looks cool in his hand with that look.

Cool highlight print detail. Eyecatcher first sight. 
Perfect example of layering, i like evrything about this.
Bravo brother! This what i say 'street' but yeah not everyone can pull it off.
I notice the amazing geometric stitch detail at the back. I think that speaks a lot designwise. Very funky and Smart jacket.
Very funky shoes, i will look for one myself now.

February 25, 2010


Lars Wunderlich Illustrations in 2009


Rhys Owen Illustration and Digital Art


Aitor Throup - Next big thing in Menswear

Launching simultaneously with his first on-schedule catwalk presentation as part of the MAN showcase at London Fashion Week, watch menswear designer Aitor Throup's film collaboration with photographer Jez Tozer, The Funeral of New Orleans - Part One. A narrative response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Throup's collection tells the story of how five members of a marching band protect themselves and their instruments, which are interpreted through the cut and structure of the garments. See how Throup's acclaimed research process lends itself to motion image. 

Check out his AUTUMN/WINTER 10 COLLECTION at London Fashion week.......

February 24, 2010

ART attack - The TIK'TOK Series*******

A lazy afternoon when you dont feel like smoking your cigarette the way always do everyday at the same interval time. So wat you do with your last cigarette? You got to do something!   ( I mean I have to do something or else i throw it away ).

 A small art exercise for our little heads. We call it ' ART ATTACKK'.

February 23, 2010

THE NEW MEN - London Fashion Week

Yes they are the ' new men '  the breed of highly style updated and sharply dressed , unisex look. Men have a come a long way from the 'macho ' look to the clean and androgenic.

February 22, 2010


300 individual drawings, each completed on the train commute from Brooklyn(home) to Manhattan( work) everyday for the last four years, the result is the utopian world city for peace by Guatemalan artist Edgar Gonzalez. Drawing on the train has its problems; the piece is full of buildings that exist just to cover up wobbly lines. But the commute is very much part of the piece.
He got talking to someone on the train one day and he told him about a landmark in a town in his country for him to include.

Gonzalez doesn’t yet know what the final piece will look like, but he “think[s] it will be round,” and estimates that there are another 100-200 sections to go before it is completed and would righteously be his world where there would be peace and harmony for all.


February 21, 2010

FASHION DOES ITS PART FOR HAITI - Buy them and help Haiti.

 Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Nicola Roberts at the Haiti relief Fund Show.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is set to launch a "Fashion for Haiti" t-shirt with all proceeds benefiting the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, WWD reports. The t-shirt will his stores and on February 12 and will cost $25. It will be produced by Theory and made in women's and men's styles.
Please click below to make your contribution towards the cause. Follow the guidelines and help save millions in one the biggest and needful relief funds.


IT’S MY TIME is a Global Casting Competition 

Do you think you look cool, do you think you have a special thing about you, are you very different, are the style setter.............if any these goes for you, this is the perfect moment for you. Upload your hippiest and coolest pics and fly to New York to be the next Benetton Face.

It's not about catwalk cliches and model attitude.We’re looking for natural beauty and fresh faces. 
Build your profile and vote for the finalists. The 100 highest voted entries get featured in our new book on global style and win 200 euro to spend in Benetton. From these, 20 will be selected and flown to New York to be in the Benetton 2010 Fall/Winter campaign. We don't care where you're from, only where you can go. 

February 18, 2010



Something new is happening in designworld for sure. Alexander Wang, Yigal Azrouel or Marc Jacobs are not done yet with bags,shoes ,scarves etc but are also making condoms, so next time you make love look for the DESIGNER CONDOMS.

Marc Jacobs was the one who started it, and then followed Alexander Wang,Yigal Azroueland now Jeremey scott. Jeremy Scott collaborates with ( WEIRD) Lady Gaga to design and market condoms for her fans' for their little monsters promoting his Proper Attire line of prophylactics. Lady GAga says "It's not complicated, just a fashion statement. 



G-Star at Hammerstein Ballroom .

G star SCREAMS '' WHITE DENIM'' the look for coming season. Experimenting with their look, this time around presented an army of tough, monochrome urbanites.

G-Star as always experiments with the way denim is worn usually. A long white tuxedo jumpsuit with revealing slits cut up each side had a trompe l'oeil bolero in the brand's signature fabric attached at the shoulders.Denim with floral kind motifs ( i always hated it) but g-star makes it look dandy and cool.
Not to mention the look for women. teeny-tiny denim bikini. But these shorts would probably do best under a skirt (THEY MIGHT GIVE IT TO LADY GAGA FOR HER GROCERY OUTING).

 Guests present were Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen, Jared Leto.