February 22, 2010


300 individual drawings, each completed on the train commute from Brooklyn(home) to Manhattan( work) everyday for the last four years, the result is the utopian world city for peace by Guatemalan artist Edgar Gonzalez. Drawing on the train has its problems; the piece is full of buildings that exist just to cover up wobbly lines. But the commute is very much part of the piece.
He got talking to someone on the train one day and he told him about a landmark in a town in his country for him to include.

Gonzalez doesn’t yet know what the final piece will look like, but he “think[s] it will be round,” and estimates that there are another 100-200 sections to go before it is completed and would righteously be his world where there would be peace and harmony for all.


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  1. amazing concept, i would wanna put my painting there!