March 18, 2010

The goodlord 'F' word.

 In the name of almighty 'F*CK' word. Amen. I wonder how many times we use the 'f' word in a day. Early morning , whole day, late night- in your dreams-- everywhere,everytime. Some as simple as these instances--
- Oh f*ck its morning
-F*ck the coffee feels good
-Oh F*uck i am late
-F*ck that's awesome.
-F*CK this F*** that......................................

This is the word i cant do without , im sure its the same with you guys.

''Broke yet another phone case yest For fuck sake feel low now!''

Click here for a laugh ** F_CK you! The right use of the 'F' word tutorial. I hope u guys find this link amusing. (recommended for 18 yrs and above readers).

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